Chic Warmth


Usually this is my favorite weather,i guess cause i love cuddling up in bed and i get a good excuse to sip up my coffee slowly in bed. And also the heat and my skin are in a work in progress relationship.

With this Nairobi weather is acting up on us so i have decided to give it a piece of my mind in a chic way.

The turban came as a result of a bad hair day.


As usual am that authentic Kenyan girl who knows that maasai jewelry are a must have. I personally love how you can pair up the pieces with almost everything.

The boots were a gift from my cousin although i rarely wear them.


Pants and sweater top are thrifted.

Last but not least this warm chic fur half-coat was a gift from my aunt ( You remember the sanduku story i told you, this is one of those items as a result of the art of giving).


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