Two way Kanga


A few years back when i joined campus one of my close friends Shufaa taught me a fashion lesson i will never forget and that was how to turn a scarf into a cover up sleeveless top. Just a simple knot changed everything.

You know how sometimes you wear tights and a short top and feel a little uncomfortable this will do you justice or when your wearing a body con and just want to cover up your behind this will work.Can also work well in the beach just to cover up you swim suit.


As i was doing my usual wardrobe clean up i came across this blue kanga and voila two ideas came to mind, a dress and the cover up. Instead of just wasting it tying it around your waist as you clean or just chill in the house.

By just using the kanga and a belt this is what i came up with.





Thanks miss Eva  this something i intend to take with me a long way.

The kanga and the sandals can be found at maasai market.

Photo credits: My sister.

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