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Holidays are over and people are going back to their normal life.For those suit wearers going back to work or school here is a little style inspiration for this new year.

Men in fitting suits just give chills the kind of chills that makes the hairs at the back of you neck stand or when the gorgeous man passes by with a good cologne of course i make a good 360 degrees turn. Don’t get me wrong its just good to appreciate Gods good work you know.

Over the holidays while chilling watching the television i stumbled upon some Swahili fashion program on some channel called spice not really sure but that day the episode was about men in suits and it was advising men on how to pull out a good  suit look .

Although the program was halfway over i was able to pick up some few pointer for the men readers

  • Always purchase a good fitting suit. A neutral color preferably cause its something you wear for a long time. Grey,black, navy blue are some of the neutral colors to go for. The material of course should be of good quality and drapes well. Buy an expensive suit that will serve you a long way than a cheap one that you will only hang on the wardrobe to collect dust.
  • The length of your trousers should cover the shoes just with a few inches while standing and while seated your socks should be able to be seen.
  • Socks are both functional and accessorizing items. So gentlemen try spice up your look with colorful socks. It draws good attention to you remember women love color and if they spot anything colorful they will stare so please make the stare worth while.
  • I was also shocked by this, your shoes and belt are meant to match so if you wear brown shoes the belt should also be brown, if you wear black shoes the belt should be black who new men also need the same item in different colors. Lol
  • One and half inch of your shirts calf should be visible through your suit jacket.


  • When buttoning your jacket its meant to make an X pattern as shown in the above picture.
  • The shirt won underneath doesn’t have to be always white you could look for lighter shades of the suit color  or if you are brave you go for the color blocking.
  • The tie doesn’t have to match the suit we are past that error play around with colors that complement both the suit and the shirt

For this post i have featured a good friend of mine Job Levis, this guy has style am telling you.He is blessed with the art of pairing different pieces and pulls them out very well. While drafting this post i just knew he was the best person to feature don’t you agree?

Levis is an IT student at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology and is very passionate at giving back to society. ( God bless your soul brother)


Doesn’t he look amazing? I love how he paired this Jacket with line pattern,grey pants and brown shoes.

IMG-20151230-WA0001Anyone needs a model? please get in touch.


Shoes- Against all odds


Suits- Tailor Made ( Bespoke- i just learned that Lol)


Watch- Patek Phillip

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Enjoy your week.

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