2016 January- Stock Take


I seriously cant believe 2015 has just gone like that. But to be honest i cant complain 2015 was pretty awesome i got to experience some of my firsts and it brought a lot of positive energy which i intend to keep this 2016.

Now lets get down to the first stock take of 2016.

Thanking- God as always for a wonderful year he granted my family and I also for making our Christmas and New Year celebrations wonderful.

Missing-my sister from another mother Fiona  Odhiambo gal i miss you big why do you have to be so far away but its alright i understand #sob sob :'(:'(

Eating- a lot of cheese in bread this festive season the only thing missing is a glass of wine…..am telling you guys i think i have Italian blood first its pasta then now cheese and bread am seriously considering taking Italian culinary classes.

Drinking- lots of water as usual and am telling you its doing wonders to my skin that am so scared to even put make up i feel it will spoil this natural glow.:-)

Marveling- of how my blog is doing so well am overwhelmed by the support i get from you guys. The first time i checked my views was during this holiday i could not believe my eyes. Thanks A lot for taking your time its really encouraging.

Reading-Silvia Njoki’s blog style by Silvia you should check it out here. 

Obsessed-with taking pictures. I seriously need a picture chill pill if it exist.

Wishing-someone could send me to the Caribbeans just for one week and take all my electronics and just leave me with one thing a professional photographer. The pictures will tell the stories am telling you. Who is still feeling like Santa.

Counting-down to my birthday which is in two months time lol.

Having-a bad hair week i seriously don’t know what to do with it. And here i thought i had all my hair troubles sorted. But this turban is truly doing me justice.

Listening- to the Pentatonix Christmas album, mannnn aren’t this young souls talented you should listen to them before the festive season ends.

Dancing- to Nagharamia by Ali Kiba ft Christian Bella from Tanzania am telling you the voices in this song  you just have to listen to it here.


Following-Grace Msalame on Instagram and on her blog religiously. This amazing woman speaks to me in some sort of way. You can check out her blog here

Wanting- some gold gladiator sandals i saw at Mr Price Garden city, those shoes are to die for am telling you, dint get a picture cause it would look fishy in the store but for sure those are a must have.

Being-very positive and optimistic about 2016 i know God has good plans in store for me.

Planning- to meet up and visit all those friends and relatives i have been promising.Miss Eva, Irene, Sicily, Effie, Dottie , Aunt Cathy, Dee 2016 prepare good meals the awaited guest is coming.

Whats your stock take this new year? Would love to know

Thanks for stopping by HAPPY NEW YEAR.