Lessons from 2015


Less than 10 hours to go before the year just goes by. I hope by the time the 10 hours are over i will be feeling better than i am right now.So am seated in bed reading other blogs am telling you this blogging business has become my life even my sister makes fun of me she says ‘why you looking for a job and you already have one on that laptop?’ As I reflect on how this year has been and to be honest i think its been the peak of my life so far. I have loved,made mistakes,hurt people, had my heart broken,made money,been stolen from and most importantly learned lessons.

As 2015 passes by and waves goodbye at least it hasn’t left me empty handed, it has taught me that accepting change in your life is how you grow and develop. In this year my body has rely changed and i have come to accept that my body will always be mine and if i don’t love and take care of it as i ought to then i have no one to blame but myself. So all those perfect imperfections my John Legend was talking about are wholesomely accepted and flaunted.

Another thing i came to learn this year is that you control your own happiness and self esteem. What you tell yourself everyday is what you become its called the power of the mind. If you depend on people to bring you the joy trust me you will be greatly disappointed. Think of it this way your actually giving the other person a burden cause they have their own happiness and self esteem to deal with and you still expect them to deal with yours its too much work for one person. So make your own happy.

What people say about you is not who you are. Especially when we are doing well people tend to come up with such weird theories you wonder if they were assigned by the C.I.A to work on your file you know. Growing up my cousin Effie used to tell me don’t ever let what people say about you affect how you carry one with your life cause if you let it they win. So lets write our own books and bash out the self imposed C.I.A agents.

Having a small circle of friends is okay it doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you relax! I went to a high school where being popular was the cool thing, and being popular meant having a million friends. Gone are those days, they say the smaller the circle the truer the friendship- okay i made that up but its true. And the circle becomes smaller as you grow older.

Not everyone you date is meant to fall in love with you. Love is something special and should be mutually felt by both parties, i learned that love is gentle and caring and its not being banged by every male species who buys you a plate of fries, its sacred and special and am looking forward for the day my generation will learn that. You know they say when your truly into each other you both submit to one another my dear girlfriends submitting to your man does not mean being beaten up and made a house girl know your worth my loves. And lastly on love i learned that if you don’t learn to love and treat yourself like a queen then even the person you let into you life to do it will not to it as he/she ought to cause you haven’t given them the example/guidelines.

Always dress nice you know all those clothes you keep saying you will wear them when an occasion arises or when going to a certain place, my take is wear those clothes now when you still can always look pretty what to you get to loose anyway nothing at all so wear them. And wear clothes that bring the best out of you and are also comfortable. Can i get an AMENNNN ladies….

My last 2015 lesson is that God is the giver and taker and without him in your life you are nothing growing up has taught me to rely appreciate God and involve him in my daily life. And to add the cherry to the top be nice to people and be humble its takes you very far.

Would like to know some of your lessons on the comment section so share with me and lets chart.

Thanking God for 2015 but looking forward to see what 2016 is serving for 12 months.


Be blessed and HAPPY NEW YEAR my loves.