Keeping it for my Toto


This dress was a gift from one of my fashionable Aunties based in the states. Let me tell you about my family you will laugh your ass off. I come from a very large family with many aunties and uncles trust me are so many am sure we contribute a big % of the Kenyan population. Some of them are in the states with their families of course we miss the bonding part but we love the gifting part.

Whenever my sister and I hear that one of them is coming back home we are happy cause we know sanduku zinakuja ( i.e they are coming with many suitcases bearing gifts for the entire family) and am not only talking about my family noooo!!! even the extended relatives in the village are assured of getting something.

The arrival date we all go to the airport with like six cars and extra cash to pay for the overload am telling you its that serious. And through this art of giving that is how my sister and I have been able to keep our wardrobes full of trendy classy clothes just by the art of giving. Am telling you generosity is a good thing.


So that is how i got this off-shoulder multicolored dress a couple of years ago. This dress is so dear to me and being the fashionista i am, am keeping it all through motherhood. Not for my self but for my daughter i hope by that time such dresses will still be trendy lol. I will give her this dress to teach her the art of giving and how important family is. Am sure where my auntie sits in her house in the states am not constantly on her mind cause she has other important things to think about but the fact that she remembered me and even got me this sexy dress truly warms my heart and that is exactly what i want to pass to my daughter as i give her this dress.

Its through giving that we receive. Isn’t it??


I hope it fits her and she appreciates it like i did.

P.s: don’t mind the pictures they were taken 3-4 years ago.

Thanks for stopping by love you loads.