I was here….

IMG_20151213_091425Death is something we all don’t like talking about and fear so much.But before we even start the death conversation lets embrace the life itself. Yes I know its preached in every religious institutions that we should die in a holy state and all the that.
We put so much emphasis on this conversation and we forget living life itself.

‘I was here I lived I loved I was here I did av done everything that I wanted and it was more than thought I would be I will leave my mark so everyone will know I was here. Thanks yoncè for those inspiring words.

For me I want to live my life so that when I go people will know that FAITH GLADYS ACHIENG’ was  here, and there will be no other like me.

I just want to be remembered with the gifts God gave me and I was able to use them to impact someone somewhere.

My smile: was so infectious that made someone’s day or even put a smile on their visage.

My love: touched someone and gave them a reason to appreciate life and love more.

My intellect: passed knowledge to someone who had no idea such things ever existed.

My voice: spoke the word of God,  the truth and entertained those who could not sing. Especially those kids I visited in children homes.

My sense of responsibility: gave hope to my parents that they indeed did a good job on raising this child. Also gave the people around me/people I worked with more reason to trust me with huge tasks, lastly helped me conquer my purpose on earth.

My mistakes: taken as a lesson to myself and the people around me. Helped me grow to the person I was.(better version of myself).

The above are some of the most important gifts the man above bestowed upon me and I hope by the time my Journey is over I would have fulfilled my purpose.

This December has been a mixed feelings one in my family many of my relatives and family friends have gone to be with their maker. Some have been seriously ill and this really cost my family emotional grief, financial grief and a lot of disorganization. But we all know it’s his will and no man can change that. The best is to take the positive lesson and implement it in our day to day life.

If there is one sure thing am taking with me to 2016 its God. You can never go wrong with him.

So lets stop existing and start living because none of us knows who is next in line to be called.

Leave an indelible mark,make good memories that’s all you leave behind nobody cares about the material things they are quickly consumed,fought over and forgotten.

By the time of your departure let us remember you were HERE.

Live like tomorrow will never come.

Blessed Sunday.