Gorgeous Red


I got this dress as a gift a year ago and trust me as gorgeous as it looks i have never put it on my body. It’s not that i don’t like it’s just that i have never found the right occasion or place to wear it to. cheezy i know!!!!

My sister and i decided to play dress up(as old as we are 🙂 )and in my head i was like voila i have the perfect dress for this. Its high time i show the world this gorgeous gift i got.

Isn’t it pretty? I feel it brings out my curves so well, you should see my face right now i can’t believe this me i have become such a pretty confident woman.

Here are some of the pictures my sister took…..



Flat tummy loading,,,,,, 😉



who says you always have to be picture perfect,life itself is an unexpected journey,


bringing the sexy back,,, yeahhh

Does anyone have dinner plans and needs a date? well my outfit is ready…

Dress by; Enfocus Studio

Shoes by; Carlos Santama

Jewelry;my own

love you guys.

Merry Christmas..:-* 🙂