5 Easy Throwdowns of a Student..

Being a student is a job on its own people tell us, we are lucky cause we have no responsibility,we can do whatever we want, life is easy. I completely disagree with this statements. We are actually very occupied with school, yes we have a huge responsibility and that is to take care of ourselves. Cause if we don’t your the same generation that criticises how reckless we are.

For those of us who live on our own one of our major responsibility is to ensure that whatever that goes into our mouths is of nutrients. So here are 5 simple throw downs of my own that could give you ideas for next semester.

Boiled rice. Fried liver. Steamed spinach

IMG_20150918_085535This meals takes approximately 45 min to cook and it has all the basic nutrients required by the body I.e carbohydrate,proteins and vitamins.

French fries. Kachumbari( local salad made from tomatoes, onions and corriander)

IMG_20150918_085409We all love fries lets just be honest and its not bad to have them once a week. Homemade fries are better than bought and your sure of the oil used to make them.Approximately takes 30 min.

Chapati. Steamed vegetable salad (Homemade Burritos..lol)

IMG_20150924_120342I love homemade chapatis cause you can make them the size,thickness and softness you like.

Macaroni salad. Mincemeat stew

IMG_20151029_013647I love pasta I think I have Italian blood in me. You can never go wrong with pasta. This meal was heavenly I tell you. Want the recipe?

Yellow Rice. Chicken breast. Vegetable stew

IMG_20151026_204613I know your thinking expensive right? Trust me the good thing of cooking for one person is food is cheap. The chicken was 150/= from Quickmart supermarket (a local supermarket in my area).

Enjoy reading,try them out and tell me how it goes.please share with me some of your own throw downs, looking forward

Why buy when you can cook.:-)