How should we show affection to our children?

IMG-20151201-WA0004Growing up there were certain things you would never see my parents or relatives do e.g like  in the above picture. I was born in the early 1990’s and I kid you not to even hear the phrase ‘I love you’ from mummy or daddy was like seeing snow in kenya. In the African culture love and affection towards your kids was shown in a different way.

You know the times your mama is showing you how to wash yourself or fry an egg and when you do it right she gives you a hearty smile and a nice pat on your back to show you she is proud and loves you. How nice that was and whenever she/he chased you around with a belt or slipper cause of being mischievous it didn’t mean she/he doesn’t care. They only did that to shape you into a better person in society. This is how my parents and the parents of people I grew up with showed affection. Not to forget the tours we took to the CBD (Central Business District) better known as town to eat chips,quarter(1/4 chicken) and soda.

The parents of the 21st century do it differently warm tight hugs,kisses on the rosy cheeks,the mouth, the I love you’s are a norm you know. This is so sweet and I think its a good thing cause it makes it easier to communicate to your child that you love them.But how far can it go??

In my opinion I feel when you constantly kiss you daughter on the lips and then you go kiss her mummy on the lips what does that communicate? Confusion right?At first it will seem like a normal thing but as she grows older it starts sending wrong messages. Then 10 years down the line we start hearing of daughters who were sodomized by their daddy. Its really sad and I think something should be done about it from the word go.

Mummies we  know how your sons are close to your hearts, but show them you love them in appropriate ways. Give the correct pet names, hug appropriately and kiss them on the right places. You don’t want to hear stories of sons falling in love with their mama’s.

I know am not a parent and many will say I dont know what am saying but I have watched my parents, my cousins,aunties and uncles and the kids turn out to be outstanding beings who blaze trails.

It all starts from the word go, show affection to the right people the right way.

Have a blessed day..



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  1. I remember sometime back reading or hearing a story on radio of a girl who was secretly being sodomized by her father and she was afraid to come out till later on… and she said how the dad at first used to give her unusually tight hugs and kisses n at first she thought its just my dad…thing became worse as time went by…am not saying it happens like that always but thats one way.


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