Stock Taking #3

IMG_20151126_113337Yaaahh Christmas time.Excitement galore am so happy.Now lets do the mothly stock take.

Thanking-God for how far I have come I can’t take this for granted. Never a dull moment with him in your life.

Waiting-on Dec 14th to put an end to this nightmare called exams.:-( struggle is real.

Drinking-lots of water and milk and honestly they are doing good to my skin, cannot complain at all.

Planning-on revamping my blog adding new categories so keep up my lovlies,  also planning to change to using new hair products and go natural(keep up for a podt on that).

Reading- my school books and actually realizing finance is interesting but a task to be tested on. Apart from school books enjoying The Elite the 2nd book in the selection series by Kiera Cass.

De-clatering-my closet getting rid of things I don’t need. Trust me its good for the soul and takes care of the hoarding problem.

Excited-about Christmas and New year this is indeed the time to be jolly.

Grateful-for my mad crew Anne and Chemu never a dull moment,from singing hello before exams and having crazy nights together you guys have made my year and just know your appreciated. Love You.

Reconnecting-with the man above on so many things. Spiritual life is so important.

Marveling-how people around me are growing so fast to be independent beings. Man time flies…weren’t we babies playing with marbles(bano) just the other day.:-)

Craving/Eating-shawarma, potatoes, nuts.

Listening-to Adele’s new album 25…man this woman gives me chills..Hello, its me..This songs make you miss a nonexistent ex boyfriend…lol

Watching- nothing of late, putting so much energy on reading(sometimes I think losing my laptop took me back to good old habits.

Would like to know how your month has been please share.

Happy holidays :-* :-*.

Till next post.