All She Ever Wants…

Some of us have fallen in love at one time of our lives, some have even fallen out of  love. This is all part of growing up. And I personally love how it changes your perspective in life, opens your mind and teaches you things you did not know about yourself.

Well my ladies am doing this post for you, men read and understand carefully take this like a life lesson.

All she even wants;

  • Is a listening partner.

Am sure by now you have realised she talks a lot. Yaaahh thats how we were created there days we are not in a mood to talk at all and there days we just want to open up and pour  one months feelings in one sitting. All she just wants is for you to listen not hear I said listen. And while at it reassure her that your listening so keenly you even ask questions when confused. Trust me there will be times where her story makes no sense:-).

  • Tell her she means the world to you.

If you don’t mean it don’t say it. It really sucks when your not into someone as much as they are into you and you keep on lying to them that they are your world. Lying only kills the trust and brings a lot of heart ache and regret especially when the relationship is over. But if you are really into her tell her please say soespecially when she least expects it. A nice way is to even whisper into her ear and you will tell me what the response will be.

  • Remember the special days that mean something to both of you.

If your my boyfriend  ever forgot my birthday I will slaughter kidding.. aii but I shall frown like a balloon. Birthdays means so much to us women if you can’t remember my birthday will you even remember our anniversary. Men are forgetful I know but you have no excuse for this one mark  it on your calendar,put a permanent reminder on your phone but please remember these days.

  • Show small romantic gestures.

We are more of romantic beings than men. But make an effort man. Am not saying you go buy her a yacht and surprise her but if you can afford why not 😉 thank me later. If the both of you love taking long romantic walks do it with her. Buy her  chocolate when she least expects it.Introduce her to your friends as your lady when she least expects. Call her and check on her even through texts it show she is on your mind, trust me its the little things you do that create forever memories.

  • Lastly be honest from the word go.

If the two of you are just at the beginning of your relationship and as time goes and you feel like the feelings are not as strong as you thought or you are not feeling her as much, please let her know don’t let her invest so much  into the relationship and then tell her later that she has made a loss all through yhe  investment, this really hurts her. If she wronged you let her know. Honesty is the basis of trust and trust holds a relationship tight.

Ps. Don’t waste anybody’s time even yours remember time is a resource that cannot be restored.

Men follow this simple rules and thank me later :-).

Its the little things in life that matter.

Stay safe and enjoy the rain like I am.

Lots of love.