Stock Taking #2


I simply can’t believe we are in November. The semester is almost coming to an end…wooohoo…and Christmas is almost here.

Thanking. God for the gift of family,life,good health and friends.You can never thank the man above enough.

Eating. A lot of cake and Potatoes..woii my weight. Of late my sweet tooth has really been getting what it wants.

Reading. My school notes a lot. I love the way the library spirit has come into me as if am possessed.

Marveling. About the day I met one of my role models Adele Onyango.(kiss 100 presenter). I have never gotten over that experience. And it was just been a week.

Blogging. Lets just say getting entertained and inspired in all aspects by other bloggers.Janet mbugua on her pregnancy journey.Teshie Ogallo on her fashion and lifestyle blog.Shufaa Othman on her lovely daily inspiration blogs. Thanks for the entertainment.

Wishing. For money to fall down from heaven so that I could make all those outfits designed in my head. And go on retail shopping therapy.

Obsessed. With watches. If you know me well I cant leave the house without a watch. Am currently shopping around for a second on in this month.

Smelling. Coco butter every where I go. I dont why but I guess my body lotion contributes to this factor.

Counting. Down to Christmas like a five year old who expects tons of gifts from

Wishing all those friends who consider themselves my close friends to keep in touch please…. communication is good for any relationship.

Hating. On the guys who broke into my house and stole my laptop when I was in school. Shame on you and I hope something happens to teach you a lesson. I know that sounds mean but some things just need to be said like that. The frustration is real.

Planning. On couple of changes on me. I want a new look. Its high time. Been way too comfortable. Look forward for that.

Thanking everyone who takes the time to read my blog. Truly appreciated.
Have a lovely day lovelies.:-*


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