They say friends come and go but their those that leave footprints in your heart. Growing up I have come to learn that the older you become the more your circle of friends becomes smaller.

Its amazing how kids make friends so easily without discriminating but as you grow older people start deleting themselves from your life or you delete them for one reason or another. I believe for any relationship to work yes communication is key and trust and all those things you read on article but for me my no.1 thing is friendship.For instance a parent child relationship for it to be easy and thrive well parents must learn how to be friends with their kids it only makes things simpler.

So lets get down to the type of friendships we have in our lives. They are those friends you grew up with and did all silly things together but because of the different circumstances or choices you both made you have grown apart. But when you decide to reunite and catch up things just click and your all happy. Have you ever been in such a situation? For me I think these are friends for life. Yes you may never see each other every time but regardless to the distance or circumstances things always click.

Beneficail friends/convenient friends you only have them in your life for certain reasons. Reasons that benefit you. When you need something or want to do something specific and don’t want to be judged you call them cause they have an I dont care/don’t judge/you only live once(YOLO) attitude. Or maybe they make you look good. If you are doing this to someone,its very sad it means your depressed you may not know it but the things you do to this kind of friend makes you happy. Friendship is all about equality and accountability.

The accountability friend the one who never gives up on you. Checks on you when your down,is happy for you when you succeed. Tells you off when your wrong and is not ashamed of your weaknesses. Is not afraid to tell the world that you are their friend. This friend is a protector,puts your friendship first. Is able to admit when they hurt you and openly apologizes.They appreciate you and are always there.

Of late I have been hanging out with two good friends of mine sharon and Anne. I guess at first its cause we are doing the same course the same specialization and kinda understand each other. But later we realized this is actually Something genuine and we see each other as sisters we have become accountability partners of each other. For sure they will remain my friends for life and I pray to always keep my end of the bargain.
For all my friends out there I hope I have played my role well and you genuinely feel my friendship.
Just because someone desires you doesn’t mean they value you. So choose your friends wisely. The no. trust me doesn’t matter.
Have a lovely day readers.


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