Stock Taking #1

As I promised myself this year am going to be open new things and learning in the process. This is my very first stock take and I promise to do it every month its a good way of evaluating yourself instead of waiting for the end of the year.lets get down to it.

Thanking-God for the gift of life everyday and for my family and friends.Never take that for granted.

Wearing-more of chiffon,Africa prints and jeans.I think I got tired of wearing skirts and dresses during my working days.

Watching- a lot of series since I did not get to do that during my long holidays. Power ssn2,Tyrant ssn2 and community have been keeping me quite glued to the screen.

Struggling- with waking up for my 7am classes and reading my notes after class. Student struggles.

Cooking-everything that comes into mind. Of late I have really fallen back in love with the kitchen. The breakup was quite bad but am happy we are back together.Pictures will be shared later.

Eating/Craving- a lot of pineapples and watermelon. These two fruits have become my daily thing a must have to kick start my day.

Drinking- lots of water and coffee. Funny how one dehydrates my body as the other replenish the water. I guess also cause September has been quite hot.

Snacking- on nuts. My friend keeps on wondering what is wrong with me and nuts. Man I love nuts I wish you knew.

Listening- to a lot of sautisol(my favourite kenyan band). Ruby from Tanzania and Deepside-the one I need this song has been on replay all through.

Wishing- I could have sufficient fund to purchase all the white outfits I have in my must have list. Of late white has become my favorite colour especially in clothing. Oohh how I wish money could grow on trees. Anybody feels philanthropic to sponsor

Marveling- about the sandwiches at Dream bean restaurant in the CBD-Nairobi. Those sandwiches are to die for.

Following-.Grace Sowairina Msaleme’s instagram page for daily inspiration. Your an angel mami. Be blessed.

Be blessed my readers feel free to share yours with me.
Enjoy your day.