Roasted Chicken and mini bites Recipe.


As I promised here it is the recipe for the roasted chicken and mini bites we did for the birthday dinner.
3 full chickens
1 packet of mini bites sausages
1Tspn of chicken masala
1Tspn of mixed spices
1Tspn of garam masala
1Tspn royco
Salt to taste
6 cloves of garlic pounded
Pounded Ginger
Fresh chopped coriander
1large fresh lemon

1. Cut the chicken into pieces and wash with clean running water with vinegar several times for steralization.
2.Marinade the chicken and mini bites with the spices together with the crushed ginger and garlic.Squeeze the lemon and refrigerate the meat mixture in a zip lock bag overnight or for four hours. Depending on the time you have. I personally prefer overnight so that the juices get absorbed in well.
3. Preheat the oven at 150 degrees and lay the chicken and mini bites on the grill rack.
4.Let it grill for about 45 min as you check with a skewer and turn.Remember you can adjust the heat by + or -30 degrees depending on how the food is cooking.
Note dont open the oven door all the time as the cold air gets its way in and slows down the process.
5. When the chicken has browned and you have confirmed using the skewer that the inside has cooked well.
Lay the serving bowl or casserole dish with lettuce leaves and lay the chicken plus mini bites and serve your loved ones.

Serves 10 or more pple.
Can be served with rice, ugali + kachumbari or potatoes.

Bon a petite….

Coming soon is the five day dinner meal plan for a student.