Do you do it for the REWARD or for SELF SATISFACTION?

Today is that day I just feel like a pen and a notebook are my best friend. So am back in school struggling just a little but I had an amazing learning experience this past long holiday.
Am back home for the weekend I guess I was a little homesick and missed home food.:-(
I was watching Discovery +254 one of my favorite shows. And the beautiful Carole Wainaina who is the Assistant Secretary-general of Human Resource in the UN(United Nations). She was great and I picked out just one thing that I for sure will live by and hope that it speaks to you the way it did to me.
She was asked what lessons she lives by and she gave a simple answer saying when she puts her mind to something she does it whole heartedly not cause of the reward but cause she challenges herself and goes home having learned something new.
Life is not all about the rewards its about the lessons you pick and live by everyday. Its about what you enjoy doing and sometimes people may never notice how hard you have worked or how much effort and time you have invested into something,but what counts is that whatever you did made you happy and maybe impacted someone else’s life.
Many of us do things to be recognized so that someone else can notice and reward you in public or maybe to do so well so as to be you used as a point of reference/ comparison.
Personally I dislike the idea of comparing one person to another I know people will argue that its for healthy competition. I dont believe in comparing yourself to others in order to appraise yourself this slowly demoralizes you and you loose the whole point of finding who you truly are or want to be.
I believe in comparing yourself with a better version of you. We are all unique. This business of parents telling their kids you should work hard and become like so and so daughter or son really sucks and should stop.
In everything you do be it at work or school or home remember that what really matters is what makes you happy not the public rewards or titles that make you feel like you are of a higher class than the person without the title.
Most of us like to pretend that this prestigious titles are what defines who we are but to be honest it doesn’t.
Be true to yourself at least that much you owe yourself. There is no good reward as the reward of true hapiness and self satisfaction.
Be blessed readers.:-*