The Thank Yous’ are in order…



I remember this day like it was just yesterday I was one week old at Typotech Imaging Systems Ltd. And the first weekend was team building at Lukenya Getaway. Mannn it was super amazing this was actually my first interaction outside the office with my new colleagues at least for the next four months . But as I leave this company I have left adding new friends into my life.
I went there very green I had no idea what I was going to do,all I knew is I was going to be an intern at this company for the next four months which have gone by so quick :-(. I sure will miss this bunch.
My thank yous’ (hope thats grammatically correct) go to:
Alfred &Carol Kandarah for giving me the opportunity to have first hand experience. For always checking that I was ok and that my learning curve was going the right way. Truly appreciate and may God bless the work of your hands.
Felix for always ensuring I was occupied and trying to explain to this green student the deep concepts. For encouraging and convincing me that accounting n finance can actually be fun and interesting. Thank you.
Ayodeji Mwongeli mannnn I dont know where to start I love you to death. The only female in finance. You gave me your all. The effort and time you put in for me to understand sage and the different accounting concepts. You trained me whole heartedly. You believed in me and gave me life tips on top of that all. I will miss our instagram sessions and youtube you know. The fashion convos we had. Your soooo amazing I promise to keep this friendship going. Thanks in a big way be blessed abundantly.
George Onderi. Waahh Uzito nayo thanks for making me get what procurement is all about those lc’s and additional cost I will never forget. The jokes we cracked how me made fun of people. Thanks a lot man and also for considering me a friend and inviting me to your wedding.
To sales team thanks a milli.Joel owino asante sana for the lifts to town and your stories. Belindah thanks for your smiles and the amazing car ride we had for stock taking.
To Sublimation thanks for equipping me with tech knowledge I was always awed by your work. Mwaura your lunch time stories shall be missed and I love your passion when you put your head in the game.Saka and Davidson you made my Nakuru ride eventful and unforgettable. Will surely miss you.
Customer service.Damaris I will miss your drama and the little chats we had about awkward things on the shopholic problem I can help see me later.Lol…:-) Jane,Tom,Rop, thanks for the interaction and friendship.Liz thanks for always ensuring I got tea. Truly appreciate.Sicily the rides we hitched stories we made the laughs we had mannn your amazing. Thanks a bunch loves
Technical. At first I used to think you guys were the most rigid but you proved me wrong and turned out to be the most easiest the love I received was massive. Paul as you recover it was great meeting you I love your calm nature truly admire that. Kevin the gentleman of the office thanks for making me smile,sharing your snacks,cracking my ribs. Updating me on my movies list. Sorting me on the laptop issue when u barely knew me thanks a bunch love. Peter the man who is always smiling I loved your sense of humour. The convos we had hahaha mann your such a cool engineer. I will miss you making fun of me. Albatros n Geoffrey great interaction and sence of humour thanks.Your such an industrious team.
Violet my lunch partner. Thanks mami your sense of fashion on point dear.The jokes we cracked the stories we shared the orientation you gave me was on point.Thanks for your friendship truly appreciate.Will miss talking about the Kardashians n kanye with you.
For those who we met and left Wesa,Sylvester and Brian it was great meeting you. Thanks a bunch for the amazing and teaching experience. I learned and for sure I take a bow a better person and accountant to be in future.
Thanks a bunch team.
Be blessed.
Truly miss you.