The Woman a’ve become….

Time flies and sometimes we are too busy focusing on what we want to be or what we want to make forgetting to recognize and applaud how far we have come.
For me personally its been a journey ofcourse with up and downs but where I am right now honestly without being to hard on myself am content and comfortable of what I have become. Dont get me wrong I have not found my comfort zone noo,the problem is once you find your comfort zone you become relaxed and satisfied the drive to push you to be a better version of yourself dies and now you become redundant.
I have become a woman of substance,selfrespect and kind to myself. The woman I was really took critisim personal and peoples opinion really affected how I dealt with things but the woman I am right now cares less of what people think. I take the positive and that that adds value to my life and live by it.
Am more patient with people and things.This has really helped me deal with a lot even under pressure.
I have learned to accept who I am and own myself 100%. If you don’t own you no one will.
Lastly for this post and this is my biggest lesson is the source of happiness is you.This idea of waiting for others to come bring the sunshine into your life has to stop. Rise you own sun and shine bright on yourself and others.
If you look for happiness in someone else then for sure thats the first way to get depressed.

Lots of love my readers
Nyty nyt.:-*