Current Mood….

Yes am currently on long holiday but this one is different. Of late I have been feeling like a totally new person,like my mama gave birth to a better version of me but we all know that can never be.
So am currently doing my first proper internship at TYPOTECH IMAGING SYSTEMS. Man I love it. First its cause its really been an eye opener for me. Am more convinced that I can survive in this field called finance.
The team I work with accepted me with open arms and are always willing to teach me something new everytime. So for all those friends who think I have abandoned them, no I haven’t its just work. But I still will make an effort.
Back to describing my current mood. Am in this mood where everything excites me. Am very open minded and ready to try newthings. For me am totally surprised this usually is not the case am the kind of person who puts my fears forefront and am very reluctant to do new things.
I hope this happy open minded mood sticks around for a while. I want to wear this smile for a while it makes me happy and the people around me too.
Lots of love
Lets keep the smile and happy mood up