Lets go back to the roots….

Today lets talk about dating, relationships you know how things should be done. I assume majority of us have been atleast in a relationship or even a dating situation.
I think my generation has taken things to another level where first time you meet numbers are exchanged chap chap without struggle. The first week you chat with each other every day till wee hours. By the time the first month is ending the first date is at his/her place and we all know alot happens on that date.
How I wish we took things slowly you know. First things first the lady should be chased not the other way round, but dont get me wrong am not against ladies who make the first move. Some men need to be given a wake up call for them to read the signs. But please young man your young and energetic be the one to make the move. Make the lady feel wanted and show her that she worth your efforts. Thats a plus btw when you show your interested and put effort into the game she will definitely get more attracted to you.
Once you get her number make sure you have a general conversation where your both comfortable. Do not open up to much about yourself remember the two of you are not in a relationship yet so be mindful.
On the first date let it be a general venue. This idea of first date your at his/her house this is how you end up doing things that shock you. Meet in a general place where your both comfortable not too crowded where you cant have a conversation eg. A club. And ladies dont get me wrong this is not a chance to choose your dream hotel that will make this gentleman think twice on whether to appear or send you the money on mpesa for the bill. Be courteous and thoughtful. Table etiquette is a must and choose friendly conversation topics.
To be continued in part two…
Food for thought my friends
See you soon.