My Dear Angel

My dear loving daughter. This one is just dedicated for you. We all know how mother-daughter relationship is from age 0-12 your best friends mummies little girl.13-20 acquaintances if not enemies lets say it as it is. You look at your mother and wonder why she is a thorn in your flesh. 21-30 you begin to realize she is the greatest woman in your life. The love begins to trickle in slowly in baby step and you start becoming besties. 31- eternity she is your best friend you always look upto her and your relationship is tighter than ever.
Ps. This is not for all relationships it varies but majority this happens lets not lie.

Now back to writing my daughter a letter. As I prepare for your coming I know the kicks will not be annoying discomfort but discomfort of joy. As you grow inside me I know everyday will be a lesson for both of us. As you come into this world I shall protect you from the evil eyes,the evil tongues that will speak negative things to you. I shall cover you in swaddling clothes like baby Jesus to keep you warm. I shall take you to the lords house and present to him this amazing gift given unto me.
As you start to wean I will ensure I feed you with the right food to ensure your healthy.
Your first crawl I will be there to baby proof the house to protect you from getting hurt.
Your first step I will be there to hold your hand and lead the way.
I will put my best foot foward to ensure a continuing genuine relationship with you love. I want to be your best friend from the word go. To be able to open my arms and my heart for you so that you come to me when confused, stack,happy or even just a meer girls gossip .
May I be the first lady to meet your first boyfriend. I dont want to be the mother who criticizes and preaches negative vibe to you my love. I want your father to be the first man you fall in love with so that he can set a standard for the man who chases after you my preety girl.
I can’t wait to play dress up with you my baby to take you for shopping sprees and show you the finer things in life.And maybe one day you will love design and fashion just like mummy.

And the most important thing is that I will teach you to say your first prayer and to thank God for every little tjing you have. I love you my girl you will forever be mummies princess and daddy’s little girl. As I stil look for a name for you. I can’t wait to meet you my love.
Lots of love.


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