I just had too its been the second day after this song was released. Sautisol you always know how to capture my heart.Amos and Josh good job you for sure you have a future in this industry if you continue like this. This song has been on replay ever since I downloaded it.
Moving on from my personal excitement.
‘ Nakuomba Nerea usitowe mimba yangu we,Mungu akileta mtoto analeta sahani yake,leta nitamlea usitowe mimba yangu we Mungu akileta mtoto analeta sahani yake.
This words are really catchy and have a deep meaning.Its basically encouraging those who are heavy with child and were not prepared for this beautiful gift from God.
To all those who have gotten pregnant at a young age or out of wedlock and have given this unborn child the chance to experience this beautiful world created by the man above.Total respect and mad love.
I have friends who decided to give life despite all they went through I wish I could mention your names but since I dint ask for your consent first I will just apploud you. Big up girls whatever you have been through and still stand up tall to be proud mums I tell you your heroes to young girls somewhere. Dont ever forget that.
Dont get me wrong am for starting a family at the right age when am psychologically, financially and have a strong support system ready. Children deserve to be raised by both parents but sometimes it never happens that way so those brave women who stand tall to society and brace themselves from all negative vibe. Sautisol did this song just for you.
Lots of love my readers.
Thanks Sautisol and Amos and Josh.


2 thoughts on “#NEREA!!!

  1. Inspirational piece.
    I have a neighbor who raised a kid when she was a teenager. The kid has grown to be handsome and smart. We all love him.


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