Lets embrace the curves!!!!!

Been a really long day, and its been a while since I poured out my feelings here. Today lets talk about our curves yes ladies you heard me right our curves.
Growing up I was always told not to wear fitting clothes because they showed off my curves. So most of the clothes I had were buggy or dresses with sleeves that covered the upper part of my arms. The school I went to always emphasized on decency and modesty, women with dignity which I completely agreed with but there was one thing that really startled me.
Every time we went for trips( I was in that school that wore home clothes..yup that cool one) the faculty really scrutinized each and every person. Those who had fitting pants that enhanced there African curves were asked to wear their P.E t-shirts which were long inorder to cover their assets. Those who had fitting tops were asked to wear jumpers.
What was so wrong with them showing their curves. Your body is the temple of the lord and thus must be guarded,.but does guarding it mean you hide some parts and show off others? does it mean you be ashamed just because society is shunning women your size?
Personally am a curvy woman and come from a family where most of the female species have the same features.But I have decided enough is enough am not going to wear clothes covering my legs all the time just because society wants me to if God blessed me with amazing legs then why not let the world know that the man above is indeed a perfect artist. Am going to wear dresses that complement my curves and pants that fit me well because thats how its meant to be. And by the way ladies if your curvy and wear buggy clothes you only look bigger and the same people who waste their time to judge you will still talk of how your fashion sence and body is pathetic,how you look unhealthy and ugly. So please sister dont bother ask,flaunt em curves cause thats what its meant to be. We are sick and tired of being told our ass is too big our bust is to big our tummy is too big our arms are to big enough.
I am curvy African woman and proud of it are you??
Lots of love my readers


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