What keeps you going??

Since I can’t sleep and my mind is so active lets talk about some deep stuff…lol…men don’t get scared in short I just mean lets be true to ourselves. I just started watching the good wife and I kept on wondering why did she stay after everything her husband had done to her, was it for her kids or the marriage or cause she still loved her husband but couldn’t admit it. I don’t know maybe if I reach season 6 I will understand.
My question is what keeps you going?? Cause for me I don’t know if I can answer this question. There days I wake up feeling motivated and accepting my faults but there those days I just have low self-esteem and feel like am not good enough for anyone or anything. That feeling of you don’t fit in anywhere you go, all you just want to do is lock yourself in a room and never come out.
I wonder how people who have crapy jobs get the zeal to wake up every morning and go do the same routine. Do they do it for money ,or family or with the hope that one day they will come to love what they do? This is just one area I dont understand.
For me I don’t even know how am able to wake up every day and go to school knowing that am doing something that am not passionate about. Sometimes I feel like giving up you know calling my mummy and telling her you know what its done. But the funny thing I will tell myself this over and over but I cant do it I don’t know if its being a coward or just respecting and appreciating my mother’s efforts I honestly cant figure that out.
People who are devoted to each other either married or in a relationship, how are you able to put up with your significant other through the good and the bad, what drives you not to give up on them even though they hurt you so bad? I would love to know.
Have you ever sat with your group of friends and your just doing your normal chatting and as they talk they seem to have had there lives figured out. They talk with so much passion and they even lay out a plan of how there are to achieve their goals. Such people make others feel uncomfortable and depressed. But is it there problem that you dont have your life figured out, should they be blamed for just speaking their mind without having the intention of hurting, cause for sure majority of the people do this unintentionally.
For those who know how to find they motivation please share with the lost ones like us.
Lots of love.
See you soon and please follow. :-* 🙂