Who are your advisors??!!

‘Seek advice from the right people’ I grew up with this phrase from primary school to high school and now in campus. Today I just want to share with you something related to this phrase. Heads up ladies n gentlemen am not judging, just telling the truth as it ought to be told.
As I mature and develop I have come to realize that the more you grow your circle of friends changes. Am not saying every birthday ditch some friends naah, all am saying is know who adds what value to your life. And the ones who don’t please let go. Your life is not Facebook or instagram where the more friends you have the cooler you are or the more likes your selfies will get. This is real my friends the fewer real friends you have the better for you.
If you’re my real friend you will now how my mum, Caroline Mutoko, Grace Msalame and Elani inspire me so much. The lessons I have picked from this phenomenal people. I will focus on one item. Discuss personal matter and seek advice from the right people. If you have kids and are having a problem on how to deal with them ask your mother or someone who is in the same situation as you. A married person should seek advice from another married friend but take note not every advice will work people are different and relationships are different. Am not saying go preach your problems to all your friends ask for advice in hypothetically, only say what is relevant.
Young folks especially ladies stop this thing of when your relationship is not working you preach every single detail to your series of girlfriends ,be careful they might be the same people coming to destroy your happiness.
So please lets tell the right people the right things. I hope I haven’t offended anyone. Its just tough love.
My relationship mantra is give your heart to God and yourself then you can give to a man.
Lots of love my loves.


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  1. I conquer.
    Couldn’t agree more. Thanks for putting that reminder in words. I must say as we seek advice we should also prayerfully seek what God has for us.

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