To single mummies…

As I struggle in the library ,starting exam preparations :-(. Something has come to mind and I must just share it, so that you help me appreciate this women and celebrate them. During the weekend I met a couple of great ladies and some were single mothers and as we were having a conversation something about single mothers was brought out and this really left me in deep thoughts. One can be a single mum through many ways, but to mention a few,it can be getting a child out of wedlock, husband/ boyfriend deserting you when your expectant, partner dies, adopting a child e.t.c
Regardless to how you became a single mama, just know that doesn’t make you less of a mother and there people in this planet that truly appreciate you. I want to give a stand innovation, the struggles you go through only you and others of your kind can understand. Trust me every girl always dreams of bringing up a wholesome family just as society norms it. But lets not ignore that this does not happen to everyone. As mothers say the greatest joy is when you hold you child in your arms and see their smile and I believe this is true.
We as part of society lets support the single mothers. They are also human and deserve love. Don’t judge my friends because for sure you don’t know the story behind that woman who struggle to bring up a sane and morally upright being. You dont know how much she sacrificed for her children so please if your not opening your mouth to appreciate and support her, then shut your mouth and walk away.
To all single mothers out there I speak for your children. Sometimes you may feel they are ungrateful,but truth is the love is too much they just don’t know how to express it. You are the heroines of our lives, the only person who never gave up on us. You are the most amazing person on this planet to us(your children). And even though society does not come out and give u a day to be celebrated , just know your celebrated every single day in our lives.
Back to being the blogger I am….
Ladies ladies ladies… mothers mothers mothers… the work that you do and the decisions you made trust me are the best for you and your children…if you dont trust me atleast trust God he has a reason for everything…
Lots of love single mums

Ps: The most beautiful jewels you can have around your neck is your childs arms.


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