The journey begins.

Am at that point of my life where I don’t really get what is going on.sleepless nights,tears in the middle of the day or night,deeply lost in thoughts every single time just trying to figure myself out. Really getting tired of this trend of soaking my self in depression pretending that am enjoying my life better than I was when I was a baby. But am not going to continue living like this. It only hurts me. I have decided to start a fresh,open a new page trying to figure this life out..I know out there there people like me if you feel you need a hand or want someone to start this new page with you am here. I have opened my wings,my arms to embrace the lost like I. I have decided am not going to let this negative energy to settle into my life. It’s me to kick it out. My first agenda is to go back to the basics and that is loving myself and appreciating me for what gave me and that the world is so lucky to have me. For those who want to start with me lets do this this week is a week of self love and appreciation . Accept your faults ,your body,your skin color be authentic be you.
Love you guys