Her Number One.

Now this is love like it or not..am happy she found her number one 🙂

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She didn’t want to love again, she didn’t want to hurt again, she didn’t want to cry.
She didn’t want to fight again, she didn’t want to try.
He said he loved her and she was afraid, because after love, came loss, and feelings that were frayed.
But she took a step, she took a chance, a giant leap of faith, and it was the best decision ever made.
Because he was special, he was tender, he was kind and true.
Gave the type of loving she never ever knew.
The silly jokes, the dance rountines, the sneaky sleep overs,
The nicknames, the movies on friday afternoons, the doing nothing but lying there talking old people stories,
The dinners and breakfasts she’s made, the ones he hasn’t yet (lol)
The way he holds her when she cries or gets fussy,
The understanding when a complaint is made,

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