Valentine’s Day

Now all my friends know how this is my favorite month its the month of love and also my birthday month. But here is what I want to share with you about this day of love.On the 14th of this month ladies seat back relax and wait to enjoy what your man has prepared for you. If your planning anything just to outshine him and look better I advise “ABORT MISSION ASAP” this is his day to showcase himself if he hasn’t been doing it the rest of the days of the year.

Don’t over expect whatever he has planned is what the two of you will do and you shall accept whole heartedly and appreciate( there is nothing men hate like ungrateful women). This is the thing ladies I wish you knew how much effort he has put just to make the day right, so the little fantacies you have save them for your anniversary or any other day you have been planning for.

Men this is my advice there three important days in a womans life according to me,her birthday,Valentine’s day, and the day she finds out her sol purpose of being on earth. But the two important days u must not forget or pretend to forget please! Is her birthday and Valentine’s. Please do something special  even a sweet message will me enough as long as its from the heart. Do not go beyond your means and go broke  for the rest of the month. Buy her romantic gifts like flowers,chocolates etc.

As we all prepare for this day enjoy youselves and be blessed.

Lots of love