Dear Darling

Its been two years since the reunion and am glad this reunion happened. Time really flies I know, I also know your not a person of many words and am the opposite, how nice am the one who gets to talk a lot and I hope I talk sence. You make me so happy, I know I say this a lot of times but if it will take a million of this words to say this so that you believe me I will. I honestly think am in love and every day we spend both away and with each other doesn’t change the feeling it only makes it stronger. Maybe we might not be in the same page but where we have come from and where we have reached so far I dont take it for granted. My birthday is coming up and you know me, how I make such a big fuss about it how am so excited. You asked me what I want for my bday that I cannot say but whatever your heart desires and feel that I deserve I will accept whole heartedly. But I only ask for one gift that on FEBRUARY 15TH  2015,  we spend this day together not  just a few hours the entire day. That will be just enough for me. I look forward for better days with you and I pray this lasts a life time cause for sure with you am constantly on cloud 9.

I love you my dear. Stay safe

Kisses :-*