2015 I cant really figure you out.

Its the 20th day of January and my new year resolution list is still sketchy. Am actually scared they say if you dont plan then you plan to fail. This year dint start so well for but its been 20 days and am still using that bad incident as an excuse not to plan my life and at this rate I think am failing not only me but God and the people who look upto me. I have decided that am going to look foward at the future and not use the misfortunes that happen in my life as an excuse not to follow my dream or find my purpose on this planet. So please help me God. I know there people out there just like me or even have worse scenarios than I do. So my friends I tell you dont give up on what you set to do, dont give up on finding your full purpose, dont give in to negative talks and energy it only hurts you and makes those against you happier. If you are in my shoes and haven’t found your path yet or haven’t made your list yet its not too late just grab the pen and get to work. Better late than never. Later my loves

Have a blessed day.


4 thoughts on “2015 I cant really figure you out.

  1. Ten months later!

    Accept my apologies for not seeing this on time. Guess am not the tech kind of lass. Took me a while to figure out WordPress; but am here now!!!!!!! Where do I follow your blood from?

    I’m happy you are finally doing one of the things you love most, expressing yourself!!!!!!!!
    I’ll follow this blog and be updated each time . I’m encourage, left awed, mesmerized, shocked, extremely happy as I read your posts. It does take me aback and I think of my own life.
    Keep writing dear! And we are making 2015 better by God’s grace!!!!!


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