Are we prepared for Gods call and timing?

Yesterday we went to visit a family friend who had just lost her husband. At first I dint know how to react what emotions to potray ( not because I dont have emotions or am an I don’t care person) I guess I was just caught anawheres from watching a comedy.

Going back to the subject of this convo, oofcoursewe were welcomed into her house the mood was so somber and my heart literally broke.  But something stood out from this amazing woman her courage and faith was so strong I even doubted my own faith . She really believed her husband was in heaven preparing Christmas celebrations with God. She said even though she wanted more time with her husband she truly believed that Gods will was done and his timing was the best. As we walked out of her house I said a little prayer for her and her family . This really made me think and certain questions came into my head am I really prepared for Gods call and his timing?and is my faith that strong as my name suggests?

Food for thought my loves

Till I write again