Thanks for making 2014 memorable.

On the 13th of this month I had psychologically prepared myself for a long overdue date with my better half. We its kinda of a tradition thing maybe he doesn’t know but I… that at the end of the year we have a special date to commemorate the year and be thankful of  tha great things God has blessed us with. Ofcourse being the lady I am I was late but prepared an unforgettable meal for the two of us and we really enjoyed ourselves. But on this day thats when I realized that this guy is supper amaizing he changes my perspective on things even without knowing. According to me I believe I have the best computer guru beside me and the way his passionate about the machine and small little gadgets just makes me wonder am I really passionate with what I am doing now with my life. Have you ever sat down and jog you mind a little and asked yourself if whatever your doing is for you or the people who finance your academics. Food for thought guys food for thought. Anyways to countinue with praising my hero. I surprised him with a gift that was long overdue ” am so sorry my dear” but I hope it was worth the wait.  Just want to let you know you have really added positive vibes in my life this year every moment we spent I cant trade it for anything  trust me nothing.  Hope you enjoy your gift and next year will be way hell better than this one enjoy your gift and holidays

# lots of love dear