Its 26 days to 2015 and to be honest this year has been my year of positive vibes. Lets just say 2013 was a year of lessons but this year wow!!! I dont know where to start first things first am grateful God for the life you have given me so many people were hoping to see this day December 5th but were not granted the wish because of your known reasons. MUM this year I must say our relationship has really elevated am always looking foward to your calls your voice your words of encouragement move me up mountains am so happy. Anne my walking school buddy partner in crime lets just say we have seen a lot in KU and am thankful for your friendship Shuffy we haven’t seen each other much but you know your always in my heart. Dee my love I know med school is taking over my position but am standing strong knowing that the fruits of this stressful med school will pay and a few years from now I will have a personal doctor who is also my best friend. LA FAMILIA  this year we have learnt a lot from each other patients ,love, tollerance, learning to accomodate each other thank you La Familia…and lastly Joe this year has been great you haave made me experience things I never thought I would do am so happy that your in my life every single day  we spend together I just count my blessings more. Thank you for holding my hand each and every step…much appreciated lots of love if I had the power you know where we would be right now . THANKS GUYS FOR MAKING 2014 A YEAR OF POSITIVE VIBES.:-*