University Culture Shock

Is it just me or many say its the school I went to or how I have been brought up all this contribute to how I react to certain ordeals I see and go through in my daily life in university. I know this is a place where people from diverse regions meet and interact. Just a rhetorical question is manners or how you present yourself included in diversity in culture? cause in my opinion people need to manner up if thats a phrase.

  1. People shower before you come to class or go wherever your goin am not saying wear designer perfume but come on shower its a basic hygiene practice stop killing your fellow comrades in class…Jesus
  2. Ladies ladies ladies you dont have to have boutique from head to toe for you to look good cause girl when you show up in class you look like every other girl you bitch about trust me your not better than her you even look like twins making you a bitch too
  3. Mennnnnn or should I say boys please please we dont want to see your ugly discolored boxers at all thats why they are called inner garments
  4. Those of you who come in clothes that clearly dont fit and show us layers of meat come on spare us some drama we only have two eyes
  5. Stop being rowdy n pushy like everyday is a political rally.For once be polite those are the things that makes you and the person you sit next to in class different
  6. I can go on forever but my last one is BATHROOM SLIPPERS ARE MEANT FOR THE BATHROOM…this idea of one leg has a red slipper n the other blue comeone this is ua workplace last time I checked your profession was a student.